February 1, 2009

Life Line No. 2

My Psychology class had a fieldtrip in Tagaytay. We went to Brahma Kumaris Center for Spirituality, one of our requirements for psychology class. I learned so many things about how we could deal with the world and how to live with a peaceful soul. And this O-L is one of the thoughts they have indulged in our minds.

Positive thoughts could create our desired destiny and we could make our own destiny by simply making our own choices.


Peter Daley said...

I wrote an article on the group after attending a lecture they organised. I found it to be a lunatic doomsday cult that lies to and manipulates its members.
Did they tell you they believe their dead founder is God?
I'm gathering from your post that all the criticisms of the group by former members was not brought to your attention?
Here's my article, I'd be interested in your thoughts:


opensource said...

Thank you for the comment. Actually I was there because of our field trip. If it was not required, I wouldn't bother to come and hear their lectures. I have no idea about them. Thank you for the information. No need to worry because the liner I posted is what I believed in before I heard it from them. Thank you for viewing our blogsite Mr. Peter Daley.

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